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Why online teaching?

The education system in the world is rapidly transforming into an online system. Due to which the demand for online teachers is also increasing rapidly, while the number of online teachers is almost non-existent. To make up for this shortfall, apply for an IVSS online teacher training , get an IVSS certified certificate and brighten your future.

After this training, if you get a certified certificate, you can immediately work in any online school for which you can apply now in IVSS for a job. If you do not want to work as an online teacher, create your own online school immediately. Just apply then for IVSS online school. Run your online school for one month on a trial basis then get registration of IVSS.

Do not hesitate and contact us immediately for any further information.

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Online/virtual Teachers Training

  • Just only for online teaching.

  • Free of cost.

  • Certified certificate course by IVSS.

  • Online classes, online exams, online result and online jobs.

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Work with us

Apply here immediately for a job at any online school after getting the certified certificate of IVSS Teaching Training Course.

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Create your own a virtual school

Iqracity virtual School System (IVSS) is an innovative online learning platform dedicated to high quality education and professional training with a mission to enlighten everyone with contemporary knowledge.

Convert your school into a virtual school or create your own a virtual school.