Iqracity Virtual Academy System ( IVAS )

    Terms & Conditions

  1. Try free trial of Iqracity Virtual School System (IVSS) for 30 days with all features.

  2. The purpose of the trial software is to have a detailed demonstration on all the features of Iqracity Virtual School System (IVSS).

  3. This Trial will commence as of the date on which the email verification has been received by Iqracity Virtual School System (IVSS) will automatically terminate at 11:59 p.m. on 30th day of the trial period.

  4. Before the end of the Trial Period, a virtual school will have to register itself, by signing an agreement on stamp-paper, to use the IVSS Software, in accordance with IVSS standard terms and conditions.

  5. All users will be charged at flat rate in PKR equivalent to US$ 1.5 per user per month.

  6. The fee will be payable in advanced through direct bank transfer, credit / debit card, Easypaisa or Jazzcash accounts. No cash transactions are permissible. The transaction receipt be sent through email / WhatsApp for verification purpose.

  7. Besides individual charge, Registration fee of Rs.10,000 per year - is applicable for each institution that will be deposited prior to expiry of trial period.

  8. The exchange rate will be fixed by KHASTECH SOLUTIONS (KTS) on the first day of every calendar month.

  9. The exchange rate for the month of October 2020 has been fixed at US$ 1.5 = PKR 250

  10. When the Licensee deposits dues, please apply the prescribed foreign exchange rate of KTS along with an additional 3% as bank transaction fee.

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